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AVG 2013 Free Software. AVG 2013 free anti-virus software is now released and let us now take a look if this program is something that is great for your PC or not. Since it is free, it is great since you can use it without having to pay anything. However, not all free are great and let’s see if AVG 2013 Free is an exemption.
Previous AVG Version Experience

I’ve been using AVG 2013 Antivirus in the past and as I said, it is one of the best options since it is free. While it is somewhat good since it protects the PC from the common viruses, it also has some downsides. One of which is the automatic virus deletion without asking permission from you. Avira is another free anti-virus software that I use and before it deletes a virus-like file, it will ask permission first. This is good since sometimes, what the software thought to be a virus file is not at all. Try now for free!There are also times wherein you still have to keep a file even if it is infected since you need it.

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The problem with AVG is that, it just deletes those kinds of file without consulting it first from you. This might be great for an overall protection but sometimes, it may harm you.
What Happened In The 2013 Version

Okay, so let us come now to the 2013 version. What has changed? Well, it seems like they improved some things. First, they made their installation file smaller in size (from 100 MB to 33 MB). This is great since it can take you a shorter time to download the installer. Second, they also revamped their interface for it to go with the new Windows 8 operating system.

avg 2013 free

Awesome, right? However, some problem comes in during the installation. It takes about 5 minutes just for you to download and install the software (which is a bit of a long time). Moreover, you have to go through 5 screens just for you to install the program. Well, not really a big issue and you can just go over the processes if you really want to install the software.

It is also great since you don’t have to restart your PC after installing it. However, it just turns off the browser without asking permission from you. This is something annoying especially if you are currently processing something online. Top Selling Tuneup products The Performance

This might be where AVG 2013 free shines. It scans your system and hard disk errors pretty fast. Thus it can easily detects those suspicious files and get rid of them right away, leaving your PC clean. The free version is already good though you can also upgrade to their pro version if you want to enjoy more features.

Final Words

AVG 2013is a relatively good antivirus software and it is still recommended. If you want another option, you may also consider Norton antivirus software. It will not only protect your computer from viruses but also from social network spams, and naughty firewall entrances. With their new version in AVG 2013 Free, you also have to love their program.

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